Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Restaurants on the Run

If you don't have time, order from them... but if you have the time,
order over the phone and pick it up.

I used http://www.rotr.com to get a price for chopstix, the menu items
are priced more then the actual store.. then there is gratuity charge,
service charge and more...

So if you don't have the time, knock yourself out.. if you want to
save money, go get it yourself.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jane Seymour Hearts Necklace @ www.kay.com

It looks like a BUTT!!!!

I don't think that she thought it the idea out very well. I would never wear a BUTT around my neck.

Try again Jane.

Stay away from Las Vegas

Postponing my trip back to the shit hole of Bakersfield because right now its snowing in Vegas and the I15 has a winter warning from vegas to barstow.

Wait a few days before traveling to Vegas or to Cali.

If you do come here, make sure you bring your heavy coat and boots and gloves.

P Diddy, Saun Combs is a Fucking Racist

He uses his celebrity status to promote his shit.. he is a rich gangster punk. 

Will never buy his shit, will NOT listen to him and CLICK, change the channel... he is one that used his celebrity status to promote the Obama crap.

He is now selling cologne, ONLY dedicated to Black People.. whats up with that you arrogant racist prick.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prez Bush Attack

What a real class act... Iraqi Journalist has no class, makes him look like an idiot. Lets all throw our shoes at them and tell them that NO ONE can attack our prez.

Our secret service did NOT move fast enough, where were they? They should be sitting IN the audience.

Attorneys in Las Vegas

You see them all the time on tv... just because you see them on TV doesn't mean they are good. They are on tv so they get thier name stuck in your head. Your best thing is referrals. Use someone that someone you know has used.

Lerner is annoying, golightly is just another person that shows thier face on tv.

Before you even consider the above attorneys, ask for referrals.. ask others for whom they used.

There is hundreds if not thousands of attorneys.. do NOT settle with one.. ask around

Saturday, December 13, 2008


avoid this website purchase.... its over priced to WAIT for something that may or may not work.

Below see the cost of two..

QuantityDescription PriceS and H Extended Total
1 Bonus Ped Egg & Lotion$0.00 $6.99$6.99
1 The Original Ped Egg with Two Buffing Pads$10.00 $6.99$16.99

Total cost: $24 plus any taxes.

OR you can go to your local store, like here its CVS pharmacy and buy ONE for $10... if it does NOT work, you can return it EASILY. As many companies, they over charge for shipping. The above company does that too.

Prisoners has NO rights

Daily you hear about prisoners or you see it on tv that they are out of control.

Prisoners has NO rights, they all should be poisoned, shot, nuts cut off or bulldozed. They are in there for a reason.

They are ALL punks, bullies, fucking pricks... they all should die, dui, robbing or murder... they all are wrong, god should take care of them all.

God controls the population with the help of mother nature, the prisons should be next. Let the earth open up and swallow the prison or a mudslide baring them all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodwill OVERpriced -- Now KNOW why!

Have you noticed that goodwill is overpricing the furniture, paintings and other bigger items?

Yesterday there was a SMALL black table, nothing special but it was priced $65... Many people can NOT afford it, I can but I won't buy a used item with dings and paint missing for that much money.

This is the kicker... maybe why they charge so much... The District Manager for Goodwill makes $94k a year. YEP! My friend applied to the job opening.. if the dm makes that much, how much does the store manager make? And you know that employees at the store make minimum wage.

EVERYTHING is DONATED there!!!! The prices should NOT be that high.  But now knowing that the DM makes that MUCH money, the high prices are ALL for the upper management.

That is OUTRAGEOUS, this is suppose to help people get a job... not make the rich richer.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

eBay Slacker

Bids and does NOT Pay:
Lisa Cardenas
337 e. 16th st.
tucson, az 85701 United States

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Attention sellers on ebay

Rumor has it... A class action law suit is brewing....

Are you getting screwed over by a buyers commments that ebay allowed or ebay themselves.

Find your local attorney and ask about the civil suit... If it is not started in your state... START it.

Sellers need to be allowed to speak out too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Under Armour

Do you JUST love Under Armour, lot of us do.

Even though the sister company of Under Armour, Sports Authority, sells lots of it... Marshalls sells it too at a discount. It is limited stock, but you can visit Marshalls to check it out.

Recession - no we are not

We are not in a recession -- it is because of the stupid ass flex rate for mortgages... Everything was fine, even with the war, as soon as the banks got bought and people have lost thier homes. Everything went down hill from thier.

If they banks didn't jack the price of homes and if people didn't lie about income or see something in that flex rate.. I dont' know what idiot would think that a flex rate is a good thing... 

Always a fix rate...

Every day at work I see RICH people, always buying... always with the huge diamonds.. Yesterday a billionaire sent his workers to my work and spent thousands... His name will be left unknown, but he is a candy founder. His guest house, GUEST house is 26k sq feet.

Yesterday, can't remember if it was the grandfather or father, but his family is the pitcher of the Tampa Bay Rays. I wasn't too excited but my co-workers were. But he was soooooo nice and very understanding that i didn't know who the pitcher was.

Again, most people still have money... One customer of mine, just bought a hummer...  its all the banks fault.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Commercials won't help - Sports Chalet

Sports Chalet is on the verge of bankruptcy, notice the commercials lately? Its because they are close to chapter something.

They don't have good customer service and their prices are higher then most... 

They have hired an advertising company to help with their short sales. This is a company wide issue. First they need to fix thier customer service. This is why I don't go back.

Bakersfield People are IDIOTS -- Elvia Alvarez is such an IDIOT!

I guess if I poop in the toilet, next time I need to make sure that it doesn't look like jesus or the virgin mary.. sound ridicoulus, right? So is everyone that sees 'whoever' in the toast, chips, cereal or stains... LISTEN UP Elvia Alvarez, you are stupid.. 

Have you noticed that most people that 'see' something religious in something are mexicans, at least the majority... I believe that they just want attention, maybe money... or they are just brain dead. If they really 'see' something, they would NOT make it public.

Per Fox 12:

Some may see just a simple stain on the wall, but one East Bakersfield family say their home has been blessed with a miracle. Elvia Alvarez was recently using her blender to make salsa in her kitchen. Some of the salsa splattered onto the wall, creating what Alvarez says is the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since this happened. Alvaraz says it's a sign that people need to be nicer to eachother. Alvarez also says at times there's been the strong smell of roses in her home though there aren't any fresh roses nearby her home.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fox 5 Vegas Channel 5

I love the show but they SUCK about returning emails.. they do NOT... i even ranted about them and they didn't respond to that eighter.. they don't want any negative info aimed at them.

That is NOT fair that they will not care about our emails.. specially if its negative remarks about them...

they let you rant about other stuff or other people, but when it comes to them, they 'lose' it and don't converse about it.

Thanksgiving Savings

Are you alone? Are you bored?

Me too! I am heading to Sports Authority... They have killer sales and I will be there BEFORE you. I will be buying a one of two basketball sets.. whether its the 250 set for 99 or the 800 with FREE delivery and setup... my kid always wanted one, thats what he is getting before xmas.

I will be eating thanksgiving dinner AFTER i go shopping.. there is so many stores open today, it will be fun... I don't want to watch the parade or sports.. lets go shopping!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Goodwill is NOT an Alternative for Shopping

Avoid buying from Goodwill if you want electronics, clothing without trying them on... Goodwill not refund money or exchange anything except electronics and then it is only store credit.

The most recent goodwill that i visited had a seven foot lighted christmas tree in a box.. you are a complete idiot for buying that. You can go to walmart and buy the same thing for the same price, $150. And at walmart you can take it back if not working AND get your money back. Stick with nick nacks or furniture at goodwill, avoid the electric stuff. Its a waist of money, no returns, no warranties and a HUGE electric hazard. They were donated for a reason.

Goodwill and Salvation Army have rised thier prices too.. and all thier shit is DONATED.. they would sell more if they keep the same good prices since thier overhead is very low.. no bought products.

Idiot parker... Red trail blazer.. Nevada plates LOST.. At cvs on the corner of silverado and maryland.

Taking two spots up front

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fucking Wetbacks -- This inconsiderate ASSHOLE

this guy speeding thru school zone, plus cut me off and didn't even care when i acknowledged his inconsideration... Stupid ass mexican!

He had a KID in the car TOO!!!!!!

Toyota Camry, nevada plates, 398-plc

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bellagio Chef Review

 He walked into my work and made a fuss that we should have made a fuss over him... NOT! We don't care WHO you are or what you do... He kept saying "I AM THE CHEF OF THE BELLAGIO AND I WILL RUIN YOU" ... he want us to bend over backwards and go against our policy... if we did what he wanted us to do, we would be fired... he was a jerk and made the Bellagio look REALLY bad with us LOCALS.... I won't go there because of him.

Found a human knee bone

In the empty lot on the corner of e. Pebble and maryland.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't Murder, USE MEN!!!!

She needs a shotgun shoved up her ass and the trigger pulled. The husband needs to be the one to do it.
She is a 'shame' to our sex.
If you want money, as I did, you find the guy.. use em until they are broke and then MOVE on to the next one.
There are so many guys out there that are gullible its SO easy to use men. Give them sex, fake love and pamper them.. they do anything... The more 'freak' you are, the more they will do stuff for you.
Again, MEN are sooooooooo gullible. Most men will try to 'buy' your affection.. DO IT!
In my case, I was pampered and many loved me, but when I got bored I moved on. I got so many trinkets, never had to work. Went ALL over the world. It was great.
Men can be so stupid, there is NO reason to kill them.

Alleged Newlywed Murder Plot
There were new details Friday morning on what local FBI agents said was a murder-for-hire plot that targeted a local newlywed.

Lynn Dee Cox allegedly told an undercover FBI agent that $10,000 was a good price for murder. ''I could kiss you for that,'' she said to the agent, who was posing as a hit man. ''It's better than I thought.''

Channel 17's Tim Calahan spoke at length Thursday night with members of the family of the intended victim, Donald Thomas Stone.

Stone met Cox, a 46-year-old monitor technician at Mercy Hospital downtown, on the popular social website Myspace and they married just two months ago, his son said.

FBI documents released Thursday say Cox told an acquaintance she ''married her husband, Donald Thomas Stone, for his money ... '' and planned to hire someone to kill him to collect his insurance policy. Stone drives a large propane truck for a living, the report says.

Cox is also known as Lynn Dee Cox-Buck and Lynn Dee Gamroth, the documents say.

The FBI investigation began Oct. 28 when a confidential source told agents Cox was looking for a hit man.

''Cox stated that her husband was a truck driver and that it was not unusual for them to get robbed. He needed to be followed on one of his trips, and when he went to sleep the hit man could rob him, beat him up, and then kill him,'' Cox told the source, documents say.

''Cox repeatedly asked (the confidential source) if she knew anyone who could get rid of him,'' the FBI said. Cox said, ''it had to be done a certain way so that she could get the insurance money ... She could only give the hit man a small initial amount of money and that she would pay the remaining amount following the receipt of the insurance money.

''Cox also stated there was a house insurance that would just pay off the mortgage and that she would then be able to sell the house.''

Earlier this month, the FBI said, the confidential source arranged a meeting between Cox and an undercover agent posing as a hit man. The ageng secretly recorded the conversation, reports say.

''During this meeting, Cox told the UCA (under cover agent) that her husband, 'needs to go.' The UCA told Cox, 'You're talking about killing him.' Cox replied, 'Yes,''' according to the federal documents.

"During this meeting, Cox provided the UCA with a photograph of her husband, his pickup truck , and a propane semi-trailer truck.

''Cox provided the UCA specific information regarding her husband's life insurances. Cox also provided the UCA with specific information regarding how the murder should be committed.

''At the conclusion of this meeting, the UCA told Cox that the cost to have the murder committed was $10,000.

''Cox was happy with the price,'' the report says. ''I could kiss you for that. It's better than I thought,'' she said.

''The UCA asked Cox if she was going to be able to make an initial payment.

''Cox agreed to the $1,000 downpayment,'' the report says.

Some of the discussion of the crime was conducted over the telephone, the report says. That makes it a federal crime.

Cox was arrested, and is due in a Fresno federal court Friday afternoon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

eBay Slacker Posting

Won the auction and failed to follow through.
Malia Ramos
1017 Silver Creek Avel
Las Vegas NV 89183
United States
(808) 264-4812

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breaking News!!! Kidnap Plot

Breaking News!!! A plot 2 kidnap 0bama was discovered today!


Do NOT Do IT!!! Amen Ahmed Ali is a Terrorist

Of course my two cents on this subject.
If he gets the bond, he will run!!! Do NOT do it. Amen Ahmed Ali will flee the country. And you will never see him again. He is corrupt and uncaring. There should NOT have been a bond on him.
He is a terrorist and he will never do the right thing!!!!

Bond Set In Espionage Case

         A Bakersfield man charged with selling U.S. secrets to a middle east country could be out of federal prison in days.
        Amen Ahmed Ali, could be freed on bail. He was arrested in early Sept. 2006, and indicted on charges he acted as a spy on behalf of the Yemeni government.
        Investigators say Ali sold what he thought was stolen U.S. military weapons.
        The indictment charges Ali, who owns a Rosedale cigarette store, with conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, unlawful export of defense articles, and possession of stolen government property.
        On Monday, Bakersfield Defense Attorney David Torres said Federal Court Judge Anthony W. Ishii approved a $1.5 million bond for Ali based on about a dozen properties offered as collateral by friends and family.
        Torres says he needs to offer the court proof that the properties are worth what the defense team claimed and that there are no back taxes owed or liens placed on them.
        Ali faces a possible 30 to 45 prison sentence if convicted of all counts.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Silvestri Middle School: Incosiderate Parents

I believe this the name of the school, every morning when I drop my kid off at a near by school, this parent in a Black/Grey Dodge Magnum ALWAYS drops the kid off in the middle of the street.

Stops traffic, instead of driving the same way as everyone else. By the video it just looks like he is waiting, but i took the video TOO late.

The license number is: California Plates 5VRS715

Silvestri, Charles Middle School

Location Address:
1055 Silverado Ranch Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89123 Phone Number: 7027992240

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Maybe She deserved it! Racing killed girl.

Anyone that street races, they all deserve to get punished, by law or by the lord. Idiots do NOT get a pass.
Henderson Patrol officers said a 15 year-old girl was killed in an car crash late Friday in Henderson.

Police were dispatched at about 11:30 p.m. to Grand Hills Drive and Villa Barolo Avenue in Henderson.

According to police, the crash involved a white Chevrolet Silverado truck that was driven by a juvenile and carrying three juvenile passengers.

Police said the driver lost control of the truck, which went off the roadway and flipped. The victim was partially ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene.
The girl's identity has not yet been released.

The three other occupants of the truck were transported to area hospitals.

Further investigation by police revealed that the white truck had been speeding along with a red, Ford F250 truck driven by another juvenile. The driver of the red truck was later arrested and charged on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nike Shox Recalled

Not sure why, but the Nike Shox (most) were recalled yesterday (11.13.08).

We returned over two hundred pair of Nike Shox, if you have a pair, contact Nike directly.

  • World Headquarters
  • Nike World Headquarters
  • One Bowerman Drive
  • Beaverton, OR 97005

  • Phone: 1-503-671-6453
  • Hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm PST, Monday through Friday

Did you know that Nike is made in Vietnam?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Star nursery las vegas driver.. Red light runner

Star nursery... Red light runner at pebble and south las vegas blvd.

I guess they really want to get where they are going.

Paramedic strike

Paramedic strike
If American Medical Response's paramedics and EMTs of Las Vegas strike the day after Thanksgiving, you can bet that ALL my family and friends will NEVER consider to use them if need be.
If thier issues are more important then the health of others, then they are NOT worthy.

Shopping on ThanksGiving - Before Black Friday

Bored on Thanksgiving?
Lets GO shopping!

Walgreens! or Sports Authority! There won't be anything that you won't be able to buy between the two stores.

Check out the specials that will soon be posted, YES they will be open for Thanksgiving.

Now Thanksgiving will be more FUN!

Monday, November 10, 2008

SKIP the Outlet Stores!

After visiting the close to home outlet stores, I was SO disappointed that they are NOT saving you anything. Instead of traveling to the famous outlets like the Las Vegas Outlet, the Gilroy Outlet or the Tulare Outlet... Stick to your home town...

There are many choices out there if you want, let say, NIKE! I compared prices and Sports Authority was CHEAPER then the Nike Outlet Store and the Rack. I took a survey of many customers and it was 7 to 1 in favor of the local stores, they also mentioned Marshalls or TJMaxx.... Not many mentioned Walmart, a handful mentioned Target... but most shopped the local retailers...

If you love Under Armour, go to your local Sports Authority, you love Calvin Klien or Gucci, go to your local Marshalls or TJMaxx. Its a very short drive.. hardly any gas.

Celebrity Sighting in Las Vegas Marshalls Store

Some people are out there to ruin celebrities lives, the camera's in their face, thier privacy splattered on the tv and mag... NOT ME!

Toni Braxton was at Marshalls on Silverado Ranch and Eastern LAST week. I even waiting until she was long gone. She is a SMART lady, if she wants to SAVE a buck.

If you like name brand items, skip Macys, Dillards and more, go to Marshalls. Toni did!!! Only you would be an idiot not to shop there to save a buck or tw

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Looking for a JOB?

Instead of stressing out about getting a job, why don't you try for the places that you would never consider?
I am one of the lucky few to get a full time job in this time of economy.. but everyday I see job wanted signs... example, mcd's in walmart, WHY NOT! It's a job, nobody will think of you differently, not now...
DO what you need to do, to support your family, do NOT rely on the state to support you!

Sunset station food

Avoid the prime rib... When i got mine you could tell that its been sitting out for a while.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Accept my apoligy

So many have emailed me to find out what I have been doing, but with my new job pulling me from DC to Pukersfield, I have had a very hard time to answer them all. 

I do apologize and I will be getting back to all of you when I can, when I have a few days in one place or a looooooong awake plane ride... 

Now that the elections are over, I am desperately need elsewhere, but I will never forget YOU! Watch your mail box, I will be sending you some good stuff.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NOthing is Sacred Anymore.. Marriage is suppose to be SAcred

There is a website that helps promote 'cheating' -- anyone that uses that site needs to be put thru the worse divorce that can be done.

If you are SO unhappy that you need to cheat, then walk out. Split up, go your own way... but don't do dishonesty, do not break your vows.. honor thy wife or husband... 

But for those want to know more about this site, here it is: http://www.ashleymadison.com/

My marriage is VERY important to me.. there is no way in hell that I would ever cheat on my spouse. But that also means that I am IN love with him.

If you don't feel the same, please leave. If you are ever caught, it will only be the worse you would deserve...

Remember, if you live in California, women get HALF of everything.

Election Result

Being born and raised in California, I am disappointed in my home state in some things..

California voted down gay marriages, finally, its permantent. BUT california voted a black man into office. California consists of many racist (open admitted or not) people, and now they are supporting someone that has an illegal family memeber here in the states, waists money, and are going to raise your taxes...

A black woman just anounced on tv that finally there is a prez that will support minority... what a bunch of bullshit... So now when a black person does a driveby.. Well, he can't say that the states are racist... its just that black people have a 'poor me' attitude, that they are mistreated.. do you think that the prez will come to thier rescue when the fuck up? Not likely... 

HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT, I am ashamed of my fellow US'ers -- If I could, I would move out of the USA. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Movie Actors moving to Television

Some people that it is a bad thing... but its not, we love watching most of them on movies, now we get to see them regularly on tv.

Anthony Anderson
Kevin Bernard

Law and Order
Great actor, he was on some great movies, the shield... he is an actor I never get tired of seeing.

Harvey Keitel
Gene Hunt
Life on Mars
Hate the 70's, didn't watch the 70's show, won't watch a 70's cop show.. lived the 70's and hated it then... BUT Harvey Keitel is a wonderful actor, if the show was a different decade I would watch it.

Obama is NOT my President

If I could move out of the country, I would. I am NOT proud of the black man in the prez shoes... 

I am embarrassed to say that our prez is THAT guy!

YOU brought on the Foreclosure!

A news show just brought up a story about a lady that bought a house a couple of years ago and now her payment has double... she is the idiot that did NOT get the fixed interest rate.. WHY do people get a flex rate, KNOWING that it will change.

Anyone that considers or settles for a flex interest rate when buying a house deserves what they get.

The story continues that she found a 'help' for the foreclosure, middle men, and she paid them 1500 a month to fix her problem, and wha la.. they scammed her.. AGAIN, SHE PUT HER SELF THERE... SHE IS THE IDIOT THAT SETTLED..

Do your homework... you found this article, look for the smart thing to do.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama will NOT save us money

It is reported that Obama has spend 28 times more then McCain in the last two weeks on 'stuff'... If Obama is quoting change? Its to take more money out of your pocket.
You're an idiot if you vote Obama, he is going to CHANGE us right into the POOR house.
Vote smart NOT color!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Cut across stephanie and came inches from being hit by a station wagon.. What a fuckin idiot.. Cant wait for clear traffic.

Snuggie Blanket

Seen the advert on TV? Don't be fooled, all it is a backwards robe. Save money and do NOT buy it. Reverse your own long robe. That's a great way to save money, avoid these scams.
Also, the book light? $15 value? You can get the same light at the 99 cent store or the dollar store. It's a cheap item that really works. But you don't need to buy a Snuggie to get a buck light.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Annoying Las Vegas Personalities

Before moving here, I loved channel 3 (nbc)... but now, john and his dog are so stupid... him with the dumb school bus and the hitting the golf ball... he is what, 70? Chill out and act normal. We don't care that you bring your dog to work, which is dumb and outrageous I am a dog lover but to make the dog a star is really immature.
Because of this really dumb act, I have changed channels to fox 5... they are move 'real' funny and entertaining.

John Fredericks (from thier website)
John Fredericks came to Channel 3 in July of 1996 as the weekday morning weather anchor. John can be seen every weekday during News 3 Today from 5:00 am-7 am and every weekday on News 3 at Noon from noon to 1 pm. E-mail: jfredericks@kvbc.com

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama -- You really want a lyer in the white house?

Last night, the crap on the TV -- Was a broken promise!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is NOT my consideration for prez... the attempted assas was sign of the times... if he wins (wont' be my prez) he will have to watch his back.. all the neo nazis in this nation...oh my
Proof positive that blacks are voting for Obama (no matter what obama will do even tho mcCain is better and right), on TMZ they showed some famous black guy and they asked him who is was going to vote for and he said "look at me" he meant because he is black... he will vote black... is that how you VOTE?
Change!? It's the change in color.. do you not realize that congress is in control too.. no matter what anyone promises you, congress has control too.
Get your head out of your ass and vote mcCain.

Social Security Changes

Interesting approach to internet democracy.  Regrettably, it is false.  See below.  This is a popular rumor wending its way around the internet to serve a purpose that one can only guess about.
I also ran into this article from the San Diego Union -- a newspaper that prides itself on being ultra conservative.  The message:  the Social Security system will be one of the biggest losers from any crack down on if illegal immigrantion.  Why?  Because most illegal immigrants work under phony social security numbers and pay Billions into the Social Security fund pool.  While they pay in, they never get any benefits back.  The estimate is that the Social Security funds has been fattened by an estimated $300 billion paid by illegal immigrants.
Food for thought.






It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Bush. You need to sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it. It is already impossible to live on Social Security alone. If the government gives benefits to 'illegal' aliens who have never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our working lives?
As stated below, the Senate voted this week to allow 'illegal' aliens access to Social Security benefits.
Attached is an opportunity to sign a petition that requires citizenship for eligibility to that social service. 
Instructions are below. If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names.
If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to everyone you know.
Thank you!

To add your name, click on 'forward'. Address it to all of your email correspondents, add your name to the list and send it on.

When the petition hits 1,000, send it to comment@whitehouse.gov
PETITION for President Bush:
Dear Mr. President:
We, the undersigned, protest the bill that the Senate voted on recently which would allow illegal aliens to access our Social Security. We demand that you and all Congressional representatives require citizenship as a pre-requisite for social services in the United States .

We further demand that no amnesty be given to illegals: NO free services, no institutional or government funding; no payments of any kind to and for illegal immigrants.

Ruth Mulder, N.J.
1. Mary Takami , Calif.
2. Connie Dodd. Calif.
3. Frank Beirau , Calif.
4. Barbara Murray , Calif.
5. Dody Farha , Okla.
6, Woody Farho, Okla
7. Donna Capatosto , CA
8. Larry Capatosto , CA
9. Ryan Capatosto , CA
10. Samantha Capatost o, CA
11. Nan cy Brown, Torrance , CA
12. Daniel Brown, Torrance , CA
13. Tamara Clark, Torrance , CA
14. Darrin Clark, Torrance , CA
15. J .. L. Thome, Torrance , CA
16. J. E. Thome, Torrance , CA
17. Phillip Cook, Manhattan Beach , CA
18. Howard Thrall, Rancho Palos Verdes , CA
19. Jim Lehman The Dalles , OR
21. Ed Melone Phoenix AZ
22. Laetitia Borden Phoenix AZ
23. Bob Reid, Mesa AZ
24. Janet Reid, Mesa AZ
25. Kaley Reid, Mes a AZ
26. Antonio Reid, Mesa AZ
27. Spike Graham, Paradise Valley , AZ
28. We ndy Gra h am, Paradise Valley , AZ
29. Joe Johnston, Gilbert AZ
30. Jerry Eppler, Carmel , CA
31. Mary Worth, Prescott AZ
32. Gary Carville, Los Altos , CA
33. Ron Jeziorski, Santa Clara , CA
34. Jeff Jeziorski, Thousand Oaks , CA
35. Gary Kos, Thousand Oaks
36. Susan Kos, Thousand Oaks
37 Pierre Gerardy, Fillmore , CA
38. Cynthia Nadeau, Van Nuys , CA
39. Sean Nadeau, Van N uys
40 ; Kyle Nadeau, van N uys
41. William Coburn, Sherman Oaks, CA
42. James Harper, Sherman Oaks
43. Carver Shannon, Los Angeles
44. Paul Turgeon, Los Angeles
45. Cathy Wainwright, Redondo Beach
46. Thomas Raoch, Redondo Beach , CA
47. Doris Roach, Redondo Beach , CA
48 John Sabel, Redondo Beach , CA
49. Howard Wood, Redndo Beach , CA
50 Vincent Wainwright, San Diego , CA
51. David Kauffman, San Diego , CA
52. Don ! Jorgenson, Hawthrone , CA
53. Sam Gerardi, Redondo Beach , CA
54 . Michele Crowley , PA
55. Richard Crowley , PA
56. Bil l Thompson
57. Jan Thompso n
58. Brit Lane
59. Therese Blyleven
60.. Eugenia Barney
61 Larry Barne
62. Barbara M. Kohl Tonasket , Wa
64. Deveta Papania, Yuma , AZ
65. B. Picciano , AZ< BR>66. A. Picciano , AZ
67. J. Lang, Ar
68. W. Lang, Ar.
69. C. Gully, Ca..
70. J. Gully, Ca.
71. C Rusch Ca
72. Chryl Gallagher, Ca
73. Dominic Cerra , CA 
74. Tracy Regan, Vista , CA
75. Yvonne Hamnquist, Vista , CA
76. Mike Hamnquist, Vista , CA
77. Myrrl Hamnquist, Vista , CA
78. Janette McLintock, V ista, CA
79. Robert McLintock, Vista , CA
80. Robert McLintock, Jr, Lincoln , NE
81. Katie McLintock, Linco ln, NE
82. J. Woodburn, Vista , CA
83. M. A. Woodburn, V! ista , CA
84. C. A. Woodburn, Vista , CA
85. Gerald A. Boswell, Prescott , AZ
86. Rehab S. Bo swell, Prescott , AZ
87. O l iver Taylor , Prescott , AZ
88. Carolyn S. Taylor, Prescott , AZ
89.. Thomas A . Reid 
9 0. S hirley L. Reid
91. Susan Whiteley Las Vegas , NV
92. Paul Whiteley Las Vegas , NV
93. Barbara Meyer , CA
94. William Damery
95. Richard Anderson , Pioneer, CA.
96. Debbie Anderson, Pioneer, CA.
97. Gary Dorall, Pioneer, C A
98. Jean Dorall, Pioneer, CA.
99. Janice Anderson CA
100 Orville Anderson CA
101 Charles Scanlon, CA
102 Dolores Scanlon, CA
103 Donald R Burr
104 Darlene Y.. Burr
105 Richard W. Bothman
106 Dennis Holmes , CAlifornia
107. Harlan L. Bowe, Sierra Vista , AZ
108 Larry Bonham
109.Merle Forst Oregon
110 Marlena Forst, California
111. Gayle Heiser , Oregon
112. Pat Wells , California
113 Jan Wendell , Texas
114. Sharon Schutz , Texas
115. David Schutz , Texas
116. Kitty Jones , Texas
117. Carolyn Joynt , Tennessee
118. Paul Brown , MS
119. Connie Brown , MS
120.. Johnny L. Sa n de rs, LA
121. Rebecca T. Sanders, LA
122 John Dukes , La.
123. Lois M. Dukes, La 
12 4. Terry W il son , La.
125. Dean Wilkerson , AR
126. W. Curtis Hicks
127. Gypsy N. Hicks
128. Neil H. Dobbins, AR
129. Regina M Dobbins, AR
130. Ida L. Kennedy, AR
131. Frank Bonner, Ca
132. DeAndra Boydd , CA
133. Marcus B oy dd, CA
134. Danny Michaels , CA
135 Daniel Meditz , CA
136. Dorothy Gehring , CA
137. Harvey B. Walker, Anaheim ,Ca
138. Linda L. Walker, Anaheim , Ca
139. KC Douglas, Anaheim , Ca
140 Brandi L. Walker Anaheim Hills, Ca
141. Zach Bevans, Anaheim Hills, Ca
142. Devin D. Schroeder, Corona , Ca
143. Paul Schroeder, Corona , Ca
144. Nancee Micham, Taneyville , Mo
145. Mike Micham, Taneyville, Ca
146. Helen Sabin, Rancho Palos Verde s, Ca
147. Julie Clarke, San Pedro , CA
148. Nikola Brajevich, Rancho Palos Verdes , Ca
149. Richard B! ulot, San Pedro , CA
150. Joe B.. Cagle, Irvine , CA151 . Ronald A. Cotta, Redondo Beach , CA
152. Carol Waselenchuk , FL
153. Jeanette J. Brooks < BR>154. Sh eryl L Brooks
155. Kyleen Madsen , FL
156. Rand Madsen , FL
157. David A. Whitehorn, Fl.
158. Mary Whitehorn, Fl.
158. James H. Peak
159. Janith E. Peak
160. Bill Millholland
161. Barbara Millholland
162. Gerald Powel l
163. Linda Powell
165. Dolores Kuhn
166. Roger Parrish
167 Joanne Parrish
168 Mike Volpe, Florida
169 Betty Volpe, Florida
170 Kyle L. Hartzell, Florida
171 Thom Milnor, Douglasvil le, GA
172 Eileen Milnor, Douglasville , GA
173 Gary Milnor, Douglasville , GA
174 Jackie Francis, Douglasville , GA
175 Lawrence P Pate , Avon Park , Florida
176 Penny Socin, Arlington , Texas
178 Jerry Socin, Arlington , Texas
179 Rad er , Belvidere , Illinois
180 Marnie Mowles, Marion , Montana
181 William R. Miller Jr, KANSAS
182 Linda Miller, KANSAS
183 David Di el man< BR>184 Orland Rosell
185. Amber Brooks
186. Jason Rosell
187. Courtney Brooks, Pensacola , Flo rida
188. . Becky Brooks, Pensacola , Florida
189 Pam Leonard, Cantonment, FL
190. James T.., Pensacola , FL
191. W.Thomas TN
192. H Thomas TN
193. Fort Wayne Hopper, AL
194. B Clark , A L
195. C. Jordan, Al.
196. R. Knight
197. D. H. Blackwelder , FL
198. K. Dougherty , MD
199. R. Dougherty , MD
200.. M Ranalla , ME
201. C. Ranalla , WA
205 Marilyn Monroe
206 William Young Levittown , PA
207 Karren Young Levittown , PA
208 Betty Lefevre
209 Carl D. Hoagland
210 Ma xine Hoagland
211 William Jarvis Albany , Ga.
212 Elizabeth Jarvis Albany , Ga
213 Jane Lyons Elwood, In
214 Rachel Lyons Elwood, In
215 Mary McFall Elwood , IN
216 Louis Frederick
217 James Davis
218 Gary Rogers219 Rita Rogers
220 Yolonda L. Hiser
2 21 sonja boozier FL
222 Phyllis Campeau, Clinton Twp., MI
223 Lowell Gordon, Montpelier , IN 
2 2 4 Carolyn Gor don, Montpelier , IN
225. Charles D. Gord on
226. Wayne & Betty Lake Mi
227. Ron Phyllis Zacharias, stanwood michigan
228. Vera Mihaltan Livonia, Mi.
229 David L. Deckard, Murfreesboro . TN
230 Wayne Fought, Elberta , AL
231. Stephen Reno, Trenton , MI
232. Lorraine Reno , Trenton , MI
233. Randine Scheffler
234. Dennis Scheffler
235.. Bart Jeannette
236. Tracy Jeannette
237. Brad Pruett
238. Carol Pru ett
239. David M. Levely
240. Claretta Hegwood, Clinton Twp., MI
241 Nancy Zurawski, MI
242 Paulette Adam s
243. Charleen Kaltz Michigan
244. Constance M.. Buffa, New Baltimore , ! MI
245. Kathleen M. Allen, Warren , MI
246. Betty Delligatta, An aheim , CA
247. Pat Delligatta, Anaheim , CA
248. Diane Motyka, Northfield , OH
249. Pat Bruckner, Mantua , OH
250. Bill Radke , S olon, OH
251 Deanna Radke, Solon , OH 
252. Peggy Weist Bedford , Oh
253. Thomas Manacapilli Universal Cit y , TX 
254. Sharo n Manacapilli Universal City , Tx
255. Sarah Manacapilli Universal City , Tx
254. Luke Manacapilli Universal City , Tx
257. Rita Dufala Northfield C enter, Oh
258. Naomi Polovich, Coconut Creek , Florida
259. Linda LEmery, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
260. Melinda Bindas, Girard , OH
261. Mary Pet er sen, Orwell , OH
262. Tracey Myers, Warren , Oh
263. Norma Roudebush, Louisaville , Ohio
264. Barbara Orberson... Clarksville , Indiana
265. Norm Whiteland
266. Barbara Ann Bogue, Marshall , TX
267. Marion Lee Bogue, Marshall , TX
268. Sandra A. McCartney, Fort Worth , TX
269. Jack D McCartney, Fort Worth , TX
270. Elaine Perr y Verdin, LaMarque , TX
271.. Adam J. Verdin, LaMarque , TX
272.. Wade Verdin, Georgetown , TX
273.. Carol Ann Verdin, Georgetow n , TX
274. Brian Verdin, Krum , TX
275. Bonnie Regi ni, Bayou Vista , TX
276. Ray Regini, Bayou Vista , TX
277. Renee Hitchcock , Texas City , TX
278 . John Hitchcock , Te xas City , TX
279. Tiffany Hitchcock , Texas City , TX
280. Ros e Mary Smith, La Marque , TX
281. Peggy Smith, La Marque , TX
282. Sue Porter, Commerce, TX
283. Schelly Porter, Co mmerce, TX
284. Paul Hooper , Missouri City , TX
285. Earl Gremillion, Ruidoso , NM
286. T.F.. Hewell, Jr., Katy TX
287. Peggy Hewell, Nixon TX
288. John Hewell, Nixon TX
289. Shawn Hewell, Nixon , TX
290. Wildajean Hewell , Nixon , TX
291. Damita Cirillo Huffman , Tx
292. Lewis Walker Huffman, Tx
293. Denise Baker, Houston , TX
294.. Cody Baker, Houston, T X
295. Roy Brown, Crockett , TX
296. Ruby Brown, Crockett , TX
297. May Ree Nix, Crockett , TX
298. Rachel Brown, Houston , TX
299. Vern DeSplinter, Houston , TX
300 Kathryn DeSplinter, Houston , TX
301 Lauri DeRouen, Orchard, Texas
302. Davi d DeRouen, Or chard, Texas
303. Deanne Ewing, Orchard, Texas
304. Jeanne Jeffcoat, Galena Park , Texas
305. Jerr y Coene n, Ma libu , CA< BR>306 Gloria Coenen, Malu , CA
307. Dawne Salopek, Houston , TX
308. Karen I. Mil ler, Oak Creek , Wi
309. Faith Hall, Crystal Falls , Mi
310 Terri Conde, Troy , TX
311 Willis Brewer, Lexi! ngton TX
312 Walter Johnson , Colorado City , TX 
313. Bobbie Johnson , Colorado City , TX
314 Kerry Sweatt Leakey Tx
315. Monty Shank , Tx
316. Ronny Fite , Tx
317. Lynn Fite , Tx
320. Johnny Wesley , TX
321. Jennie Wesley. TX
322. Kay Howard , Tx
323. gary ledger TX
324. Mary Cowan TX
325. Bill Cowan TX
326. Jeff Cowan TX
327. Misty Vaughn TX.
328. Linda Anderson Tyler , Tx
329. Samuel G Anderson Tyler , Tx
330. Deborah Carnes Flint TX
331. Ben Carnes Flint TX
332. Donna Partin Tyler , TX
333. Joyce Baham , Tx
334. Jim Baham , Tx
335. Ross Pittman Tx
336 Beth Pittman TX
337. C. Robinson, Louisiana 
33 8. Sco tt Glover
339. David A Calhoun Sr., Louisiana
340. Marjie S. Calhoun, Louisiana
341. Gerald Wittenberg , Kansas
342. Maxine Wittenberg , Kansas
343. Lue Asmussen , Kansas
344 Dorothy McCaslin , Kansas
345 Carol Van Sickle , MI
346 Wayne Van Sickle , MI
347 Donna Barnickol, CA
348 Margaret Russell, Cornelius , OR
349 Michelle Case, Hillsboro , OR
350 Cindy Falter Vancouver , WA
351 Darlene Kieser, Brush Prairie, WA
352 Sa mmie R hyne, Brush Prairie, WA
353 Brett Croft, Brush Prairie, WA
354. John J. & Nancy J. Kotrlik, Vancouver , WA
355. L Ceccoli, Brush Prairie, WA
356. Ken Love Battle Ground, W A
357. Julie Love Batt le Ground, WA
358. Jon Love Vancouver , WA
359. Marc Love Vancouver , WA
360. Larry W. Shaw Reno , NV
361. Charlie Brown, S an Antonio Texas
362. Roxie Brown, Sa n Antonio , Texas
363.. Randall J Lee, Fern Park , FL
364. Marie L Lee, Fern Park , FL
365. Robert E. Nicholl , FL366 J anice Nicholl , FL
367. scott liberty, FL
368. Janice Rathman, Fl
369. Betty Gill , Ga
370. Betty Hewitt , GA
371. Pat Smith
372.. Bobby Hicks, Ga.
373. Jackie HIcks, Ga.
374. BJ. Hicks II, Ga.
375. Tina Hicks, Ga.
376. Frank J Klima , GA
377. Tammie S Klima, GA
378. Bruce N Klima, GA
379. Richard Benne tt, Ga.
380. Sharon Bennett , Ga.
381 Mark D. Sammo ns, Ga.
382. Al Burgamy , Ga.
383.. Sheila Burgamy, Ga.
384. David D.. Settle, Ga
385. Gary P. Freeman
386. Terry Thompson , Mo
387 Mickie Curt, Mo.
388 Warren Curt , Mo.
389 Sandy Counts, MO
391 Pam Bickelhaupt, SC
392 BOB PAH LMAN , IL ..
394 Rick Wright, IL
395 Marilyn McClure , IN
396. Kathy Miller , FL
397. Karen Rothrock
398. Martin Rothrock
399 Mike Succio FL
400. Myrtle Succio FL
401. Tonya Succio FL
402. Michael Succio FL
403 Bill ie Bo rdwine Fl
404. Larry Dickerson, Fl
405 . Bob Re gister, Fl
406. Stan Phillips , NC
407. Willie Wright - NC
408. Thomas Sledge , NC
409. Etta Glover , NC
410. Kermit Glover , NC
411. Carolyn Garris , NC
412. Stanley Garris, NC
413. Gail Garris , NC
414 Adrian Garris, NC
415 Sandi Taylor, NC
416 Keith Taylor , NC
417 Annette Mark ham , NC
418 Marvin Mark ham , NC
419 Denise Landino, NC
420 Mark Landino, NC
421 William Mele, NC
422 JoAnn Forsythe , OR
423 Robert Benson , OR
424 Sharon Benson , OR
425 Richard Bogle, Or
426 Marcia Hocker, OR
427 Marilyn Layn e, NY
428 David Hutcherson, Ga
429 Lena L. Solomon, NY
430 Mike Boylan, NY
431 Gwen Johnson , NY
432 Doris Johnson , NY
433 Vernon Symes , NY
434 Jacqueline Hardy NY
435 Joan Moses NY
436 Marlene Sherman VA
437 Enid Davidowitz, NY
438 Warren Kolinsky NY
439 Freyda Kolinsky NY
440 Max Konigsberg NY
441 Claire Konigsberg NY
442 Sharon Cernese, NY
443 Stephanie Ja cob son, N Y
444 Virgi nia C. Schroder, NY
445 Pattie Sulliv an, GA
446 Joanne Pope, AL
447 Kathleen Hunter, AL
448 Sandra Kise r Stuart , FL
449 Harvey Kiser Stuart, FL
450 Carole Murphy, Temecula, Ca
451 Arthur Murphy, Temecula, Ca
452 Cindi Hitt, Simi Valley , CA
453 Anita Chrisman, Simi Valley , CA
454 Diane Kammerich, Simi Valley , CA
455 Judith Heinz, Palmdale , CA
456 Gyula Feher, Littlerock , CA
457 J AMES &nbs p; COLLINS, Simi Valley , Ca
458 Teresa Troutman Simi Valley CA
459 Tina Goodfellow, Moorpark, Ca
460. Marianne Hudis , AZ
462 Richard A.. Krieger
463 Phyllis J. Dehring - Ohio
464 Roger L. Dehring - Ohio
465 Pat Delcamp
466 Jim Delcamp
467 Norma Paugh - Fl
468 Donald Paugh - Fl.
469 Opal Whitsit, FL.
470 Richard Whitsit, FL.
471 Mary Williams, IN
472 Les Williams , IN
473 John Cox, IN
477 Fred Catel lier
478 Kathy Catellier
479 Jackie Williams
480 Ron Blankenship
481 Melody Blankenship
482 Pamela Fiscus
483 James Fiscus
484 Sylvia Jackson
485 Patty Page
486 Vicki Parker, Indpls , IN
487 Oneita Johnson, Indpls , IN
488 Anita Sherron, Inpls , IN
489 Debbie Ross, Indpls , IN
490. Kenneth B. Allen, Franklin , IN
491. Delcie M. Allen, Franklin , IN
492. Phil Ashcraft, Indianap olis, IN
493. Nancy Ashcraft, Indianapolis , IN
494 Bill Ashcraft, Indianapolis , IN
495 Sara Ashcraft, Indianapolis , IN
496 Ron Griffin
497 Edie Griffin
498 Myla Powell Indianapolis . IN
499 Charlie Powell Indianapolis ,
500 Dolores A Rice, Indianapolis , IN
501 Barry Chapman, Indianapolis , IN
502 Valerie Neslage , KS
503 Becci Young, KS
504 Jack ie Barnes, Wichita , Kansas
505 Austin Young
506 Tom Storey AZ
507 Jane Barr AZ
508 James O'Keefe, MI
509 BeHemker, F L
510 Mike Byerle , FL
511 Terry Brennan, CA
512 Patti Brennan, CA
513 Don Stephens, TN
514 Hope Stephens.TN
515 Jerry Tomsey Fl
516 Diana Howard - FL
517 Donald Howard - FL
518 Sue Lane, PA
519 Fred Lane, PA
520 Sherry Strang, GA
521 Thomas Stran GA
522 Walt Borchers, NC
523 Louan Gideon NC
524. Pam Stanley (CA)
525. Louanne Grimes (TX)
526. Elsie Turner (NJ)
527. George Turner (NJ)
528. Vi cki Hoffer (SD)
529 AnnMarie Hoffer (SD)
530. Laura Hoffer (SD)
531. Mike Kennedy (ID)
532. Rita Kennedy (ID)
533. A llison Kennedy (ID)
534. Missie Biggs (ID) 
535. Jody Murphy (ID)
536. Russell Murphy (ID)
537. Perla Dias (HI)
538. Wendy Broxson (HI)
539. Shane Batalona (HI)
540. May Mundon (HI)
541. Lloyd Mundon (HI)
542. Leslie Sim ao (HI)
543. Derrick Cosier (HI)
544. Shirley Simao (HI)
545. Janet Matsumoto (HI)
546. Jan Matsunaga (HI)
547. Fran Matsunaga (HI)
548 Che ryl Campbell (HI)
549. Anthony Campbell (HI)
550 Hajime Nagatori (HI)
551. Carl R. Nagatori (HI)
552. Carol Yoneshige (HI)
553.. Julia Tsumoto (HI)
554. Wally M inato (HI)
555, Jim Murata (FL)
556 Thomas Cherubini (NJ)
557. Edward A. Andrus (PA)
558. Marilyn Prather, Portland ME
560 Jean Tacosik [Fl]
561. sonia car ney
562. john carney
563..G eorgia Moritz Il
564. Judy Lindner Il
565. Kathy Jenkel (IL)
566 Ross Jenkel (IL)
567. Kelley Searby(IL)
569. Mary Ann Murry
570. Keith Murry
571. Lyle Downen,IL
572. Mary Downen, IL
573. R. Gayle Vandiver, IL
574. Donna Hicks, IL
575. Richard Kuhnert
576. Richard Edmonds , KY
577. Linda Caupert , IL
578. Joyce A Ludwig, IL579. Sarah Carie , IN
580 Dave Heuby
581 Sylvia Heuby , IN
582 Bill Landis , IN
583 Robert Edwards In.
584 Kim Rich , IN
585 Keith Rich, In
586.Brenda Daniel, Fl.
587 Doug Farley, KY
588 Quincy A. Gary ? Earlington,? Ky. ? 
589 Rut oungblood Allen, Mi.
590 Chris Walker CA
591 Debbie Moore
592 Lee Uehisa
593 Rose Valles
594. Al Sandecki, San Jose , CA
595 Sue DeHaven, CA
596 Leona M. Sunseri, Ca.
597 Kenneth Lane, CA
598 Joyce Lane, CA
599 David A. Carranza CA. 
601 Kevin Parker , Ca
602 Sarah Parker, Ca/B
603 Paul Parker, Ca
604 Sandra Parker, Ca 
605 Timot hy Parker, Ca
606 Michelle McCarty
607 Joshua Goodman
608. Teri Pla nt
609 Paula Saffa CA 
610 Geoff Saffa CA
611 Jeri-Ann Toyn CA
612 Harold Toyn CA
613 Don De Lay NV
614 Del De Lay NV
615 Balbina Dishno CA
616 William Dishno CA
617 Saundra Akers Ohio
618 Barbara J LaRue, FL
619 Robin Hillegas, FL
620 Kimberly Kitterman Deltona , FL 
621 Patrick Part low Deltona , FL 
622 Brenda Vukich PA
623 Vickey J Feezle PA
624 George S Feezle Jr
625 Mary Vance Pa
626 Tom Vance Pa
627 Charlene Small RI
628 Lucille Smith RI
629 Jim De Cubellis
630. Dennis Jones RI
631. Joe Quigley RI
632.Mar k A. S teele RI
633. Bernadette Silvia, West Warwick , RI 
634. Lynda C Peters East Greenwich , RI 
635. David Edwards, East Greenwich , RI 
636 . Donna Reis, Smit hfield , RI 
637. Valerie Baker , Woodstock , CT
638 Dwain C. Baker
639. Alan Robert Kirts, SD
640 J ohn Vice La. 
641 A Prestenbach -LA
647. Sandra Hebert, BR LA 
648. Russell Hebert, BR, LA
651. Jennifer M Garon, LA 
652. Lana B. Sykes, LA
653. Mina Henderson , TX
654. Gene Henderson , TX 
655. Wendy Carmichael, MS
656. Janet Slay, MS
657 John Buckley MS
658 Perry Arnold MS
659 Margaret Buckley MS
660&n bsp;&n bsp; Kenneth Buckley , MS
661 Mary Margaret Buckley, MS
662 Jim Rigney
663 Jean Rigney
664 Margaret lus,
665&n bsp;John Greathouse
666 James Hamilton Jr
667 Matthew L. Goard
668 Brian Wollaston, IA
669 Russ Rauterkus, Iowa
671 Brett Simmonds CA
672 Jacquline Simmonds Ca
673. S. Bonniwell CA
674. Amelia Guarneri , NY
675. April Norberg , AZ
676. Nancy Azzopardi TX
677. Paul Azzopardi TX 
678. Alma Figueroa TX 
679. Michael Marrero
680. Mary Ann Marrero
681. Michalina Marrero
682. Marion Condoluci
683. Michael Condoluci-Worthy
684. Louis Condoluci
685. Mirella Condoluci 
686. John Passarella 
687. Patrica Passarella 
688. Bob Cestaro
689. Nicolette Kaplan-Tucson , AZ
690. Robert Kaplan-Tucson , AZ
691. Nancy Mazzarelli-Tucson , AZ
692. Lorraine Lovell - Poughkeepsie , NY 
693. Daniel Bishop - Poughkeepsie , NY
694. Edd Lovell - Poughkeepsie , NY
697. Virginia Stuart, Centereach , NY 
698. William Stuart, Centereach , NY 
699. Edith Romei, Lake Grove , NY 
700. Margaret A. Mandell, Nesconset , NY
701. Pat Di Salvo, Wellington , FL
702. Pat Taylor, Huntley , IL
703 Gene Taylor, Huntley , IL
704 Susan Tiedeman, Elgin , IL
705 Roland Brabant, Elgin , IL
706. LeeAnn Adam s, Cotopaxi , CO
707. Robert Adam s, Cotopaxi , CO
706 Richard Statz, Bloomingdale , IL
707 Sharon Statz, Bloomingdale , IL
708 Pat Donnelly, CO
709 Mike Donnelly, CO
710 Jane Yamaguchi, CO
711 Kris Waterhouse
712. Stephanie Haviland , CO
713. Steven S Hodgson, CO
714. Michelle Wilcoxson CO
715. George P. Wilcoxson, CO
716. Joy M. Wilcoxson, CO
717. Matthew P. Wilcoxson, CO
718. Kathy L Brown, CO
719. James R. Brown, CO
720. Timothy Enders
721. Alex Misico MI
722. Kenneth Sisco , MI
723. Barbara Sisco Mi
724. Ava R. Oglesby Mi
725. Donna Smith , AZ
726. Ann Lyons , CA
727. Karen Barloon , CA
728. Linda Fullmer , CA
729. Marykay Jones , CA
730. Marysue Harasch , CA
731. Jo Ann Hayley, AZ.
732. Terrie Hayley , AZ.
733. Jessica A Blatt MA
734. Mary M. Blatt, MA
735. Carol Brown , MA
736. David Brown , MA
737. Nancy Artesani , MA
738. Charles Artesani , MA
739.Donna Selesky
740.Alec Selesky
741.William V. McKenney
742.Kathleen McKenney
743. Claire Cahill , MA
744.John V. Cahill , MA
745. Paul Girouard , MA
746. Charlotte Girouard , MA
747. Grace Ippolito , MA
748. Frank Spitaleri , MA
749. James O'Beirne DE
750. Frances O'Beirne DE
751. John O'Beirne
752 Rosanne O'Beirne
753 Ilona Formisano , NJ
754 Mark Formisano , NJ
755 Guenter Schulz , NJ
756 Eileen Petroski , NJ
757 Mark A. Stein, NJ
758 Dora Romero , FL
759 Raul Romero , FL
760 Dennis Rubey, FL
761 Susan L. Gabriel, FL
762 Barbara Melrose, Fl
763 Karlene Ulrich , FL
764 Wayne Zimny
765 Marilyn Zimny
766 Jim Tierney
767 Bev Tierney
768 Linda Wernimont
769 Merle Wernimont
770. Merlin Tiefenthaler , Ia
771. Marcia Tiefenthaler Ia.
772. Karen Hoeg MN
773. Chuck Hoeg MN
774. B Kollman MN
775. D Kollman MN
776. K D Sander TX
777. Elizabeth A. Stanley
778. Benton J. Oliver
779. Kenneth L. Gilliland
780. Nancy A. Gilliland
781. Charlene Morella
782. Mickey Fleming
783 Conrad LeBlanc Jr.
784. Brian Cochran , KY
785. Sheila Cochran , KY
786. Dewey LeBlanc , FL
787. Michael Salsberry , FL
788. Brad Cochran , FL
789. Denise Cochran , FL
790. Bill Cochran , FL
791. Lil Felix , FL
792. Brendon Cochran , NY
793. Amy Cochran , NY
794. Norman Campbell , PA
795. Sharon Campbell , PA
796. Gary Kimsey , PA
797. Jill Kimsey , PA
798. Dennis Salsberry , PA
799. Linda Salsberry , PA
800. Sandra L. Gorman, FL
801. Roger Traeger , FL
802. Cynthia Traeger , FL
803. Gracie Sharp , FL
804. David Sharp , FL
805. JoAnn Virag, Fl
806. Tom Virag
807 Vicky Watson Fl
808 Russ Watson Fl
809 Fred COllins, FL
810 Dana Matonis FL
811 Bill Mathews, FL
813 Carol Howard , FL
814 Cheryl Kirkland , AL .
815 Melinda Givens, Fl
816 Darryl Givens, Fl
817 Jessica Givens Stumbo, Fl
816 Daniel Stumbo, Fl
818 Ken Reeves, Oswego , NY
819 Ed Johnson, Oswego , N.Y.
820Mary Johnson, Oswego , N.Y.
821, Holly Baker, Oswego ,ny
822. Thomas baker, Oswego , ny
823. Liz Comerford, Oswego , NY
824. Jim Demling, Oswego , NY
826. bruce mehaffey tx
827. patty mehaffey tx
828. brian mehaffey tx
829. katie mehaffey tx
830. linda lightfoot tx.
831. Joseph Miklovich Mansfield, TX
832. Judy Miklovich, Mansfield , TX
833. Dan Patterson, Blooming Grove, TX
834. Jeanne Patterson, Blooming Grove, TX
835. Kori Patterson, Shreveport , La
836. Katie McGrew , LA
837. Christina McGrew , LA
838. Barbara Kase , LA
839. Pat Carter , LA
840. Gertrude Naquin , LA
841. keith mc allister la
842. Lilly Defee LA
843. Roger Defee LA
844. Delores Danley LA
845. Mike Danley LA
846. Jessica Bailey , LA

847. Scott Bailey , LA
848. Robert Polk , LA
849. Mary Polk , LA
850. Robin Waters , LA
851. Steven Kistler , NV
852. Donna Kistler , NV
853 Doris Kistler
854 Byron Kistler
855 Bill Tate
856 Helen Tate
857 Dick Haesler
858 Howard Newhard -- Florida
859 Harvey jacobson---- Florida
860 Debby Singerman
861 Mort Singerman
862 Susan Neumann
863 David Neumann
864 Steven Fishman
865 Iris Fishman
866 Paul Fishman
867 Ronna Podber 868 Eli Podberesky
869 Shirley Jaffe
870. Thomas Bise
871 Nicholas Waltbillig , FL
872. J Scott Bond, Ohio
873. Elizabeth Goodwin , UT
874. Debbie Mazzer Frisco, Texas
875. Tom Mazzer Frisco, Texas
876. Suzanne Lee , Colorado
877. Laura Lee, Elk River M
878. Jennifer Walker, Altona NY 
879. &am p;nb sp; Angie Colburn, NY 
880. Casey Colburn, NY 
881. Jacob C. Levine
882. Leighsa Grommon , Colorado
883. Philo Grommon , Colorado
884. Tammy Dimmitt , Colorado
885. Sandra Tow , Colorado
886. Margaret W Shumway
887. Edward W Shumway
888. Patti Adams Loveland, CO
889. Randy Adams Loveland, CO
890. Maureen Baum, Loveland, CO
891. MaryJo Malinger, Bradenton , FL
892. Lynn Allie, DeForest, WI
893 Betty Zenke, Windsor WI
894. Robin Herman, DeForest, WI
895. Barb Dettwiler, DeForest, WI
896. Keith Dettwiler, DeForest, WI
897. Sandy Heath, DeForest, WI
898, Mark Heath,DeFore st, WI
899. Kathy VanMaren, Appleton , WI
900. Darrell Heath, Madison , WI
901. Barbara Heath, Madison , WI
902 Shirley Rysewyk, Stoughton , WI
903 Stephen Williams, Stoughton , WI
904 Deborah E. Smith-Clemmons, Stoughton , WI
905 Ken Clemmons , Stoughton , WI
906 Suzanne Immel, Fond du Lac , WI
907 Margaret Anderson, MN
908 PatriciaM Hirsch, MN
909 Eileen Pitts, IL
910 Gary Pitts, IL
911 Ed Pitt
912. Judy Foley IL
913 Patrick Foley IL
914 Jason Foley IL
915 Lauren Foley IL
916 Angela Vergauwen WI
917 Ron Vergauwen WI
918 Carrieann Vergauwen WI
919 Marge Vergauwen FL
920 Corey Gudella WI
921 John Goodwill Ca
922 Frank Messina, CA
923  Betty Stovall Pampa, Texas
924 Sally Cantwell TX
925. tony clark, paris texas

925 Bob Bone
926  Bill Bone Paris Texas
927  Martha Bone  Paris Texas
928  Betty Poole, Paris, TX.
929  Eddie Poole, Paris, TX.
930 Judie Dalrymple, Paris, TX.
931. ernie sparks paris tx
933. Sharon Stanton, Lubbock, TX
 Exclusive Video: Hollywood Life's 5th Annual Style Awards 
936. Carrol Green, Hale Center, Texas
937. Jimmie Green, Hale Center, Texas
938 Sylvia Shirley Fontana ca
939  V. Hilliard, Ca.
940 barbara matuguina
   941  Lyn Turner, CA
   942  Kenneth Turner, CA
If you don't forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names.
If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to everyone you know.
Thank you! Just think every time that the list hits 1,000 in all the forwarded e-mails, this petition will be sent not just by a thousand petitioners, but rather THOUSANDS of petitioners!

To add your name, click on 'forward'. Address it to all of your email correspondents, add your name and send it on.

1000th signer... please e-mail to:

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Spouses that control the money

GET OUT! if your spouse controls the money in your household and wants a receipt for EVERYTHING... get out, get out soon. That is spousal abuse... may not be physical but it is mental abuse.
I have a friend that is in that type of a relationship and she is miserable She doesn't love him anymore, she really doesn't care... she is just there for the convenience That is not the way to live your life.
He hen pecks her over every little purchase, she must have proof of all that she buys. They live in a million dollar home, drives leased cars, she had to get her own job so she could buy perks.
She is not in a good relationship... again, its not physical.. but mental abuse can bring you down...

Obama on Tv

I finally read a book... three of the networks broadcasted at least thirty minutes (when flipping thru the tv channels) of SHIT from Obama. Not interested, don't give a shit.... he knows that everyone is thinking twice about him. He is trying to help his 'vote'.. don't be fooled, Obama is not telling the truth, too young and just won't be a full term prez.
Obama will NEVER be my prez. George Washington is a REAL prez... follow the trend.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Red light runner stephanie & warm spring

Futrlaw (license number) white sentra

Mexicans at Work - Positano Apartments

Instead of taking the couch up the stairs, they climbed on our balcony and
scooted it up.. did the wetbacks ask our permission... NO... fuckin idiots
and inconsiderate people...

we lived in building 2 Apt 1006 --- the fuck ups in the same building in apt
2006 are elephants.. that's what they sounded like... these are lousy
apartments... the sound quality is very bad... if you live on the bottom,
you will never get a quiet place...

Positano apartments, not worth the money, PLEASE you can do better.. if you
do not have kids, don't go there.. if you want quiet, don't move there....
if you want a gated community, do NOT move there.. they keep the gates open
all the time during the day... then in the evening.. people will sit and
wait until cars that come out so they can go in the wrong way.... It is NOT
a true gated community.

I complained about the elephants upstairs putting their boxes all over the
place, the management did NOTHING...

Positano. 10115 Jefferys Street, Las Vegas, NV 89123. (866) 603-9745

Red Light Idiots At Bermuda and Pebble

You can tell by the truck being torn up that he hit the vette... guaranteed
pool service is the name of the company... like I want that type of person
working on my stuff!!! I don't think so.

Throws lit cigs

Throws lit cigs out the window... Ford explorer 425-ulz

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Visiting Las Vegas?

If you are coming to Las Vegas and want a relaxing good time, avoid the 'fancy' casinos. On a Friday and Saturday night, example mgm grand, the whores are out. Dressed to the 'nines'. If you don't want to deal with those people.. avoid the strip.

On any friday and saturday, 'real' people can be found at the Stations. Visit the Sunset Station in Henderson on Sunset and Hwy 95. There are no fancy whores or 'dressed to impress'.. just real people that don't care what you look like. Real people with gambling and relaxing in mind.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This fuckin idiot came inches from hittin me.. Sunset at the galleria... 852-tpx...

Nevada has idiot drivers

What R U thinkin?

In the walmart shopping center on silverado ranch area. A car with silly string.

I would kick your ass!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Cuts people off.. Stephanie and 215

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Skip Chris Angel

He is an inconsiderated bastard. Did you see him on tv?

His show is just not worth the money spent. Pass him by. There is better out there.

My words.. He is a faggot prick with diamonds.

And by the way.. His hummer at the lexor is a joke.. It was bought and paid for by all the sponsors that are listed on it.

Email Scam! Don't Be an Idiot!

Revieced this yesterday, only idiots would fall for this:

Good day,
       I am MR.CHAO WEI, Bank of China (Hongkong),
I have a business proposal of (US$18,600,000.00) for you from my bank.
Finally after that I shall provide you with more details.
Email: chaoweihk@yahoo.com.hk
Please send your details to My direct email: chaoweihk@yahoo.com.hk for more information on this business if ineterested.


Delivered-To: ***
Received: by with SMTP id q1cs85124ybj;
        Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:33:12 -0700 (PDT)
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        Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:33:11 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from send.wallawalla.edu (send.wallawalla.edu [])
        by mx.google.com with ESMTP id k21si24366362waf.8.2008.;
        Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:33:11 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: pass (google.com: domain of Clinton.Valley@wallawalla.edu designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results: mx.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: domain of Clinton.Valley@wallawalla.edu designates as permitted sender) smtp.mail=Clinton.Valley@wallawalla.edu
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 ([]) with mapi; Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:06:02 -0700
From: Clinton Valley 
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:06:01 -0700
Subject: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES(REPLY TO chaoweihk@yahoo.com.hk)
Thread-Topic: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES(REPLY TO chaoweihk@yahoo.com.hk)
Thread-Index: AQHJGTt7LqKX+dpu7ECMeg3KDqHuDw==
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Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
MIME-Version: 1.0
Good day,
        I am MR.CHAO WEI, Bank of China (Hongkong),
I have a business proposal of (US$18,600,000.00) for you from my bank.
Finally after that I shall provide you with more details.
Email: chaoweihk@yahoo.com.hk
Please send your details to My direct email: chaoweihk@yahoo.com.hk for mor=
e information on this business if ineterested.